Dear Andrea, I said hurtful things to a close friend, and now he won’t have anything to do with me. What can I do to fix this when he won’t take my calls? Signed, Contrite in Indiana Dear Contrite, If you have his snail mail address, and your penmanship is legible, write him a handwritten letter taking responsibility for your actions and seeking to make amends, such as by saying relevant positive things about him–that are truly meant. Tell him you were wrong, mentioning specifically what you did wrong, and that you’ll seek to do better in the future. Finally, ask for forgiveness. Then backRead More →

Dear Andrea, I’m a young professional man in my 20s, I grew up around end times theorists. It helped a little that my dad tended to give kooky conspiracy theories a lot of creedance. JFK was killed in a conspiracy, UFOs were real with alien abductions. Now, I’ve gotten on my own and the long ago (false) prediction of impending doom and the end times are behind me. My wife received some very nice birthday presents, including a DVD called, “The End Times” big red lettering by Michael Boldea with a note, “Please watch this. Love, Mom.” Well, Andrea, do I do it? Here’s theRead More →

To anyone conflicted over a request for money from a couple who became pregnant at a time when it was anything but financially expedient. And especially if you’re struggling with feelings of resentment.   Dear Conflicted, My greatest concern isn’t the issue of money, but the attitude of our culture towards children that’s behind this question. What do you think they should do, and be honest with yourself, kill the child? Believe me, there’s not much of a difference between that and “preventative” measures. Many of the popular methods are abortificants (kill any embryos that are conceived). Children are a gift from god–no matter whatRead More →

Dear Andrea, I have a 28 year old daughter that is living with her boyfriend. She claims to be a Christian, but wants nothing to do with church or other Christians. She has been rebellious for the last 14 years ever since she moved in with her father…. …She says she does not feel guilty about having sex outside of marriage although she does admit she is living in sin. Last May when she moved in with her boyfriend I told her I was disfellowshiping her and would not be going to lunch with her, etc… .…I feel I have been in the fight orRead More →

Andrea– A friend’s twenty-year-old daughter has made a series of terrible choices. Always headstrong, she began sneaking out of their Christian home in her early teens. First pregnant at fifteen, she’s now carrying her third child. All three children share the same father, but she divorced from, was jailed because of, and now lives with this absentee father. While in jail she swore she’d change her ways, but now it’s back to business as usual, depending on extended family to support her ex-husband, herself, and their children. Should the family temporarily cut her off and force real-world consequences for her actions, or allow her toRead More →