Dear Andrea I am about to become a mother-in-law. Our family has always been close-knit and Christian. Since becoming engaged, our son has been pulling away emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically from us. While I realize a certain amount of this is normal, I am feeling left out and no longer a part of his life. His siblings and my husband agree that he has become “obsessed” with his fiance and she has become everything to him. Furthermore, we are hearing things she is saying to discredit us in little ways, for example, “Your parents favor your sister over you. My friend noticedRead More →

Andrea, I was married three years ago to a christian man. He had built a new house five years prior with his mother. She didn’t live up to her end of the deal so he had her name removed from the house but still let her live there for free. She owned a house that she was renting. Well we met and deceided to get married thats when she started hating me. He told her she needed to move out and she could live in my house until her renters lease came up. She came to my house and jumped on me for taking herRead More →

One of my best friends of 12 years has been behaving in a way I feel is inapproprite towards my husband. Before my husband “Jim” and I were married, I introduced my friend “Sandy” to him. She immediately began calling him on his private phone line, sending him emails at his private email address, and visiting him when I wasn’t around. She bought him dinners & drinks and gave him expensive gifts. Once she even spent the night with him and left her underwear on the floor….At first, Jim insisted that he didn’t see anything wrong with spending time with, and accepting gifts from, someoneRead More →