Interpretation of the Grasshoppers.


Found this dream on Adam’s blog:


“I had a dream that a massive swarm of grasshoppers or locusts had been spotted, and that people were warned to take refuge in their houses. I did so, and somehow developed the idea that I urgently needed to turn off the HVAC system to keep them from entering that way. At that point I woke up.”


Locusts were a plague of egypt, and can be a symbol of God’s judgment, or merely an indicator of trouble, possibly in your business, as a carryover from times when most of us were farmers, or, it could also mean trouble in any religious endeavors where locusts would destroy the “crops” you’re trying to “harvest.” 

House is typically a symbol of your own body or person, but here it may mean a house of worship, or other place you would go in real life to take refuge from trouble.

The air conditioner most likely represents an opening in your personal life that is letting in the plague, which can also mean hypocrisy according to one dictionary. To give an exact interpretation, I would need to know what’s going on in this person’s daily or spiritual life, what they associate air conditioning with, if it has any corrrelaries to bodily systems in their minds (in which case it could warn of a physical ailment that needs urgent attention rather than spiritual)

In short, though, the dream is saying the climate control system of either your physical body, or the place (literal or symbolically) you’ve taken refuge in your waking life (very possibly yourself), will let in the plague, which could be a respiratory virus, or similar threat to your work or spiritual life.

As the air system of a building usually corresponds to the respiratory system, and since turning off your respiratory system would kill you, the dream may be saying the only way to survive the plague (which would represent sin in this interpretation) is to die to yourself, which means placing God in charge of your life, a key step in accepting His saving grace. As in the dream, the world often tells us to take refuge in ourselves, but as the dream indicates, only dying to ourselves and taking refuge in God can save us.

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  1. I had a strange dream for three days. I had a wonderful partner and he is wonderful man. We decided not to be in relationship. In the past, I had made mistakes in relationship and I didn’t mean to hurt him. I decided to forgive myself and forgive him too. Three days ago, I had a dream that I had three children. While I gave birth and I had to give a way to his new wife to my own children. I had to give up on everything to give my own children that I true love. I am deeply heart-broken when I had to let it go my three beautiful children. I told my three children that I love you always. Please help me interperter my dream meanings.

  2. Author

    It seems to reflect completely surrendering the hopes and dreams you’d had for a future with this man, and freeing him to pursue them with another, and given the metaphor, how painful this letting go is for you. Is it possible on an unconscious level you’re still mourning, or even emotionally holding on to what you’ve given up?

    The relationship may be over, but you seem to still have spiritual and emotional ties with him. You made the right decision to forgive. Ask God to break any remaining emotional and spiritual ties and heal your broken heart. He binds up the brokenhearted, and a broken heart and a contrite spirit, he will never deny.

    Without making any assumptions about what was meant by “partner”, I feel I should state God didn’t make the rules about one man, one woman, one life time in order to deny us pleasure. He made the rules, because as the designer of pleasure and originator of love and relationship, He wanted us to have the optimum experience with minimum pain. Sex outside the bounds of holy matrimony may initially seem more pleasurable, but in time the thrill fades, leaving behind great pain and regret. But Jesus shed His blood so it wouldn’t have to be forever. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made, it’s never too late to make a fresh start in Him.

  3. Dear Sister Andrea,

    I want to tell you of my husbands dream two days ago. He dreamed our Pastor was preaching. Our Pastor gets excited and runs around the pulpit a lot and in his dream he was doing this. My husband could see the Pastor but it was pitch dark in the church. He could see no one else. Nothing but blackness.

  4. Author

    Dear Sister Julie,

    Has the pastor’s sermons left your husband feeling “in the dark” lately? There are other things black/darkness can symbolize, but “ignorance,” or a lack of knowledge/truth, is what this brings to my mind. If this is correct, it would be very similar to another dream shared around here, where that church evidently had a darkness problem in their evangelistic outreach. Darkness could also indicate general sin, God’s judgment, or demonic activity, though in some contexts, it can have a positive meaning.

    But most likely here it’s the cry of a hungry soul not getting fed sufficiently in the house of bread. Such fervor, if done as an act of worship, is a good thing, but to a hungry soul, it’s no replacement for having good spiritual meat in the belly. In fairness, the problem could reside in your husband as well, sin or just a personal dry spell could be hindering his spiritual digestion, for instance.

    You might want to talk to him about it. If he’s the loyal sort, he won’t want to admit to this if it’s true. But I’m not suggesting switching churches if this is the case. The famine is everywhere. Best to pray for rain (revival) where you’ve been planted, and seek fertilizer from the Lord, or perhaps the metaphor of taking supplements would work better. One place to supplement what you get at church is where you can download a favorite program around our house, “Let My People Think” Focus on the Family’s is also good stuff, if you can find a small group, bible study, or class using their curriculum in your area. That’s one to recommend to your church, actually.

    In Christ’s Light,
    Andrea Graham

  5. I have been very unhappy in my job for a long time. I had a dream this past week and although I cannot remember most of it, I remember that I was talking with a man who I had never seen before. He started to turn away from me and said, “Leave, Jesus has spoken”. What does this mean? Should I quit my job?

  6. Author

    That doesn’t sound like God to me, but I could be wrong. Regardless, never make a major decision, such as to leave a job, based on a dream. Pray about it, seek His will by asking the advice of your church family and studying the Word. Revelations from any other source–including dreams–must line up with the bible. I’d offer my advice about your job as a sister in the Lord, but I don’t have enough information on your situation.

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