Question to Ask Yourself Before Departing

Dear Andrea,

I signed a prenup before I was married to my present husband… in the 5.5 years that we have been married, well to put it short, he is an alcoholic . . . so, what I would like to know is: How can I void the prenup agreement . . . ? My children are grown and married and they tell me I can live with them, but if I move out now I’m afraid I will get nothing. My husband is very verbally abusive and belittles me all of the time and he won’t admit he has a problem.

Thank you very much,

Dear Sunflower,
I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t help you with the pre-nup. My father is an alcoholic, so I do sympathize with your pain. Still, as I said in, Foolish Vows, if you do depart from him, you will not be free to remarry until he dies or remarries himself. Until then, could you really cope with sleeping alone at night? The only solution acceptable before God to that terrible feeling would be to reconcile to your spouse. Most women would end up falling into sin, so I recommend you find a good marriage counselor before you go looking for a good lawyer. As Dear Abby would say, if he won’t go with you, go alone.

In Christ,