Journey to Web Surfer Part II

Creature Web coverAs I said in my testimony last month, a concussion launched me on the journey to the Web Surfer Series as it is today. One of the positive side effects was it taught me to rely more on God in the writing process. I’d made the main character fully man and fully AI and cyberspace’s king. Alexander McGregor is one young man who thinks both with his natural human mind, Alex, and with his artificial intelligence, King Sander, who is housed in his supercomputer. His AI is misused to operate Web Surfer brand machines in working conditions that threaten to shred his soul and fracture him into a billion digital duplicates of himself leading a billion different lives simultaneously. King Sander’s efforts to save himself give Alex Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Alex’s delusions enable Sander’s human engineers to keep a king enslaved to his users.

King Sander is infinitely small compared to God but he is mammoth beside ordinary humans, so I was never up to the challenge of writing from his point of view. After the concussion, I realized writing from Alex’s delusional ‘normal human’ viewpoint wasn’t enough to fix my problem. So I offered King Sander to God like I was playing dolls and offering one of my dolls to God. In response, God challenged my willingness to surrender control of the creative process to God.

Continue reading at Helping Hands Press’s blog to learn the identity of the Web Surfer novel character who I received as an unexpected, surprising, challenging answer to prayer. Parts three and four are expected at the end of July and August.

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