News from 6/99-2/4/00

Happy belated Ground Hog’s day. I’ve been fussing with the navigational bar again, this time I just put this page back on it. It deserves to me there. I also took the link to the community off. It was just taking up space.
Checked the html on the front page using Web Site Garage. Found a few trivial things that didn’t really effect the page much. I also added another Cool Christian Website link.
Yeah! I thinked the boo-boo! I’m sticking with the horizontal nav. bar, but I added an article index to get the articles off the bar and keep it from getting too long. I think this will work well.
The overhaul had a sequel today. I did some rearranging, fixed html, made sure each page had a counter and my email address on it, and added some forms to make both our lives easier. The Christianity poll is now on the front page. I added a survey page with a form to make it easier for people to let me know how I’m doing. I’m thinking of adding the new pages to the navigation bar, which would further help, but then I have to think what’s worse, allowing the bar to go off the side of the page, or changing the html so it goes down the side like most do.
The sequal shall continue for quite some time. I am now in the middle of converting to a different navigation system. However, it has some bugs and I have put up quite a few “if this page is blank, go here” signs on the pages that have been converted because there is a bug in the new navigator bar. In the mean time, I’m updating the old one. Let me know which bar you like best, please.
I finished the overhaul today. I added the latest two awards we won. Which reminds me… I have to put a link to the presenter up. Oh, I also changed refer a friend services. I think this one is better. I also put counters up on all the pages today, just to see if anybody actually is visiting them.
I continued the over haul today. I moved the article on the front page to it’s very own page, and put in a little note in it’s place. It’s made a difference, I bet my site loads quicker now, which is always a plus.
We also recieved two more awards today.
We recieved our fourth award today. Actually, I don’t know how long we’ve had it, I found out because someone followed a link to me from the award page. Don’t know how I missed that one. Oh well. I also built a table around the awards so I could put some next to one another if I want.
We also have now recieved over 1200 visitors, PTL!

We recieved our third award last month, and I finally put it up today. 1/6/00
Happy New Millenium! (That is, if you’re celebrating. Some say it doesn’t start until next year). Cleaning up the Html a little bit, added a few hyper links and so forth.

Updated things a bit. Added a new page to the site, Let Your Light Shine 12/12/99
If you’ve been here before, you probably noticed a few changes. Yes, I changed the colors again. If you are not seeing a light purple background, let me know. The page said this one was browser safe, but you never know.

12/11/99 Yea! Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Thank you Jesus, Thank you surfers! I can Hardly believe my eyes! We’ve reached a thousand Viewers!

If you’ve visited here before you may have noticed a slight change to the format to the site, namely the brand new navigation bar at the top of everypage. This I made with the help of a friend named Kristy on Collegeclub. Thanks Kristy.

I didn’t want to have this conversation with you, but everything on my site except for the graphics and the links are completely original and I will not be very happy if you cut and paste what took me hours to write. Palagerism is not nice, and I have seen enough to suspect some palagerism has already occured. If you absolutely have to have something on my site other than graphics or links, then please ask me about it in an email or in the guest book. My email is at the bottom of the front page. If clicking on it doesn’t work, then cut and paste it. I don’t want to sound rude or be ungenerous, but this has really annoyed me. I don’t mind sharing, but I do mind when others take credit for something that is mine,and most importantly, is God’s.
Also, if there is anything on this site that you find questionable, please let me know because the integrity of this site is important to me. For instance, some of the bible quotations were missing references. I’ve fixed most of them I think, but if you see any more with out their reference, if you could send me a reminder to look it up, (or the ref.), I’d owe you a nice thank you, and deliver promptly.

This is when I started All For Christ. I needed something to do, and the idea sorta just popped in my head. It was actually kind of an accident, I was trying to sign up for an email address, and when I realized I had a website instead, I figured, what the hey? “Angelo” and the candle are originals to All For Christ. I discovered them in the Angelfire grafics library. I started out with about five pages, index.html (former home of home.html), Jesus’s Gift, Email, Cool Stuff (the links page, it had a bunch of other stuff on it back then, mostly trashed by now), and webrings. I ran into a print out of it from way back in Sept. ’99, it still had only those five pages.