News from 2/13/00–2/02/01

Happy Ground Hog’s day! And here is your treat: I added two new articles to the index today, so go check them out!
Loaded the site today and altered the awards page
Finished the work on the navigation bar. Took the chatroom stuff off. Updated several pages in the nonfiction article index, loaded two new poems to the Poetry Index
Did a general update today. I’m working on an overhaul and will load the full update after the new year.
I added a new poem to the poetry index, (see the link under 10/21). Comments on this one and all my poetry is very welcome. Note: if you wish to use one of the poems featured on this site, please email me with your request.
Yes, it has been a while, but I’ve had a busy semester. I updated the poetry section adding three poems from class, copy edited the creed, and worked on the Bible On… Series. I edited the list and put it in alphabetical order and completed The Bible On Biblical Authority, which, yes, is a nice way of saying, “The Word on the Word.”
Happpy birthday to me 🙂 I turned nineteen three days ago. I also changed the color scheme (again, I know, I know, but I like this one better). I moved around the article index a bit, divided it up into different categories for your viewing ease :-). I’m also going to begin a new category soon, Short Stories, and I’m considering a new article series, “The Bible On…” I took the bookstore off, the server had crashed.
I added a second search box to thebible tools page, it works better for when you don’t know what you’re looking for.
I added a new page to the article Index today, an article, On Suffering . The idea was triggered by my misery due to a bad ear infection over the weekend.
I’ve uploaded All For Christ to Ashland University’s server (I’m a student), as you know since this is the server 🙂 Been mostly working out the kinks, but I’m also adding three new pages to the Article Index.
As you have noticed by now, I have yet again altered the color scheme ever so slightly. The Navigator is now light blue until I get tired of it and start tinkering again. At least you can read it now, though. I also finally found a soul brave enough to correct my spelling 🙂
I altered the link font color so that it is easier to read and added a site search box.
I’ve updated the Links page and moved the link exchange form to it’s own page.
There has been a lot of problems with the mirror’s server, so I have updated this one. There is now a chat room, more forms, a few new polls (at the chatroom), and a working side navigator. Thanks to webmasters like Kristy and Barb and nice websites like angelfire and webmonkey for teaching me how to do tables. They are very useful little gadgets. Now, if it works in netscape this time, I’ll be set. (It does, I just checked, yea!)
Oh, and thanks to my friend Angie for suggesting a name for our dog (Angelo).
For those of you who celebrate, Happy Valentine’s day. I’ve finished two new pages, the Creed and an article on School prayer. I’ve been up dating various other things, mostly html related, too.