I am very confused about my marriage sees my husband raped me when we were dating and I became pregnant. My parents literally forced me to marry him, I wasn’t brave enough to tell my parents what had happened and now after 4 yrs of marriage we constantly fight about everything. I hold a very strong resentment towards him. I feel like I hate him sometimes. Signed, Confused in CA I would pray and talk with my pastor or another trusted elder in my local church body. It does sound like you shouldn’t have married him, and I suspect such situations are why Catholics permitRead More →

I’m only using excerpts from this letter for brevity and to maintain the writer’s privacy. The woman referenced was a long-time girlfriend. Phil: Sometimes I feel that God is punishing me for something I’ve done by taking the most important thing away from me. After all, I have been spending a lot of time with her, and not as much time with Him. God should be the “most important thing” in your life. Anything else that is “most important” is an idol. In his own words, God is “a jealous God.” He wants the top shelf in your heart and he has been known toRead More →

Confidential to Debbie: You have two options from where I’m sitting: confront him or just find a different church. The truth will hurt, I guarantee that, but as Jesus said, the truth will make you free. Granted, changing churches is a whole lot easier than facing a clergyman that may not be willing to be honest (been there, done that.) If you don’t talk to him and tell him why you’re leaving, though, you take away the opportunity for him to learn and you allow the same situation to develop again with another woman. Regardless, it does sound like it’s time to find a newRead More →

Andrea,* My husband has never taken responsibility for his own actions. Somehow he figures out a way to blame me for everything… During quiet times I try and show him how his actions are affecting his kids, he flew into a rage… He told me that its my fault he does this stuff. Andrea, How do you deal with this kind of sickness? I pray for him. He blames God for our finances, his work, our relationship. Is there help for a person like this or should I give up… Andrea, I am real tired.PS we did the whole counseling thing, when the doctor wouldRead More →

Dear Andrea, My Friend “mercy” is leaving Her husband Jw. She is a christian but she has tryed to kill herself because she is so miserable. she isnt Divorcing him, just wanting to move out with her daughter “shaylin” Jw has been lying to her about having a job, and hasnt been pulling his weight thru the whole marriage, i dont know what advice to give her, because i honestly think her getting her own place will help them, but im worried i dont want to tell her the wrong thing, she wants to come stay with me for a little bit, but then jwRead More →