The Cat devil Came Back . . .

Dear Andrea,

I was physically attacked by a demon at an early age and after being born again no longer had any fear at night… lately I’ve been attacked in my dreams. In my last dream, I was tattooed on my neck and physically held down in my dream by a spirit. The numbers 6, 2, 10 with symbols as well as a demonic face with horns and other tattoos were on my chest. I woke up very fearful and prayed the next night. Why do you think this is happening again?

I know in the dream my mother was there and I asked her what it meant and she said it was a message to her… my mother is a heroine addict and she has a disease that is making her lungs inoperable. I’m scared for her, but in my dream she didn’t seem worried about it and i was terrified in my dream.


*not her real name

Dear Mariah,

Off the top of my head, I believe the symbol meanings are 6–image 2–division (or witness) 10–perfect, complete. Horns represent strength, power. You may associate tattoos with rebellion. There’s a general connection with oppression, too. Nazi concentration camps tattooed numbers onto their victims’ bodies, for instance.

Has anything significant happened in your waking life, good or ill? Demonic attacks are often “provoked,” in response either to a breach in our armor (i.e. sin of some kind has given them a stronghold) or because we’ve attacked them in some way, i.e., done something good for the Kingdom or otherwise overcome. In dealing with them successfully, the first step is to identify whether either is the case.

One is in a much better position when it’s the second rather than the first. In the second, stand firm and rebuke them–reminding them of who you are in Christ, invoking the blood, etc–and the bible promise that they flee is almost certain to be experienced. In the first case, one has to close the breech–i.e. repent of whatever gave the demon a foothold–before the attack can be overcome. And they will usually try again thereafter, but once that is done, it kicks us into the second category.

It’s confusing to me . . how was your mother involved? At first you spoke of an attack on you. Is it possible your mother represented an aspect of yourself or your own life? Afraid of generational curses?

Then again, it could be just a demon of fear on the prowl. I’m prone to fear-based dreams myself. There is often a lie at the root of fear; the best comeback is to respond with the truth–even if you don’t particularly feel it at the moment (that is the hard part). Identify the root lie and search the word for what God says is true. Every time the fear arises, respond with what the Word says. That’s the best method I know of to overcome that stronghold.

I’ve found posting scripture near my bed helps considerably with night attacks, in general. One I’ve used is Ps 4:8, “I will both lay me down in peace and sleep, for You, Lord, only make me dwell in safety.”

In Christ’s Victory,

Andrea Graham