There Was Light

photo credit: blavandmaster Light overflow via photopin (license)

There was light in the dawn
Spreading over separating waters,
Sweeping over drying land
As the dust sprouted people and grass.
Chasing dusk with dawn and dawn, dusk,
Life from the word, and the word was “Good,”
The word from the light in the dawn.

There was light on the tree,
Hammered down with nails nine inches long,
Poured out as an offering of love
On the masses and their children,
Wrapped in cloths and lain in a tomb
And left three days before anyone came,
Three days from the light on the cross.

There was light outside the grave
That could not keep him locked inside
But admitted defeat as the boulder
Was shoved aside and the angels
Proclaimed;. the women feared
And the women rejoiced: He has risen!
Rejoiced for the light defeated the grave.

There was light in the followers
Who would not recant the savior
They knew and loved and trusted,
But kneeled down and chose not
life that was death but death
With him that was life eternal
For the light in the followers was life.

There was light in the dusk
When the trumpet sounded
And Hope rode on a white horse
Whisking away in a twinkling eye
Those who believe he would come
And washed away their tears,
For the light in the dawn was the light in the dusk.