Originally Posted at Helping Hands Press. The Web Surfer Series,and the four novels that follow it, features a sentient supercomputer that uses DNA as a quaternary code installed in wetware. It runs from its hardware and remotely operates all other devices on its network. In the serial’s Vol-1, “Regeneration” it manipulates its maker into a wetware upgrade from bacteria to its maker’s preemie son, Alexander McGregor. This marriage of human and machine has bad results for the child. He rules the machines, so he effectively has two heads; his organic human one is called Alex and his “metal head” goes by Sander. His system requiresRead More →

“Will you be all right by yourself, Mother?” Frau Jasmin Strauss-Vogel tucked the blue and white blanket around the aged dame. Mother was even more wrinkled, more white-haired, more achy, and more saggy-bodied than herself. Mother moaned as she lay on the slate blue daybed in the living room. Their one-bedroom apartment had cozy white walls, slick hardwood floors, and was located in the section of Bamberg, Germany built in the Middle Ages. At last, Mother’s weary eyes fluttered open. She whispered in a flutter of a voice, “Please shut me down, dearest. I know you are lonely, but this awful digital skin never letsRead More →

Excerpt from my testimony on the Helping Hands’ Press Blog. First if you need to catch up and read the first three parts just click and read. Tweets you can share on Twitter are at the end. A concussion stole @andreajgraham’s story and launched the Journey to the #WebSurfer Series as it is today. Journey to #WebSurfer PT2: How God challenged @andreajgraham to rely more on God in the writing process. Journey to #WebSurfer PT3: Eye-opening lessons from an unexpected, challenging answer to #sci-fi author @andreajgraham’s prayer. After God challenged me to write about a character I feared would be too controversial, I wrote aRead More →

Part One: a concussion launched me on the journey to the Web Surfer Series as it is today. Part Two: How God taught me to rely more on God in the writing process on the journey to the Web Surfer Series. [tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_url=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true” remove_hidden_urls=”true”]Part Three: Eye-opening lessons from an unexpected, challenging answer to a sci-fi author’s prayer. ow.ly/Qiq5A [/tweetthis] Preview of Part Three: The character God challenged me to write about, Elisha Micah Gabrielson, was born with gender-ambiguous genitalia. In his day, the turn of the 22nd century, such children’s original birth certificates always give their gender as “intersexed” and the only treatmentRead More →

Whispers from Forbidden Earth: Blood Tithe by Mark Venturini is Urban Fantasy suitable for the middle grades reader in your family and anyone looking for a clean read. It makes use of familiar, well-known creatures of legend without ripping off Tolkien as well as the Seelie/Unseelie fae courts only familiar to me as H. A. Titus uses them in her urban fantasy, too. The pre-release copy I received contained some typographical errors that I’m going to hope have been fixed. This is a sequel and while it can be read and enjoyed alone, the references to past events from the previous book are more appreciatedRead More →