If you’re asking where’s the limit, you’re over it

Is oral sex still considered sex as far as losing your virginity? My girlfriend keeps pressuring me to let her…


I believe the optimal word in “oral sex” would be “sex.”  It would at the very least destroy your purity. Such an intimate act belongs on the marriage bed and is sin outside it.

Look at it this way. Biblically, in this context, your body does not belong to you. It belongs to the woman you will marry someday.  The best gift you can give your future wife on your wedding day is a husband who hasn’t already shared any more of her “property” than you’ve already given away.

By the way, I would dump the current girlfriend. Anyone who pressures you and shows you such disrespect isn’t worth your time, and certainly not what I’d call a healthy relationship. Don’t ever let anyone pressure you into doing something you know is wrong, or aren’t comfortable with.

In Christ’s Purity,


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