Personal Update: We adopted five embryos during 2020 and our son was finally born early in 2022. He’s alive and growing up well, praise the Lord!


Please share this opportunity to read my next novel release and influence its next revision if you know anyone who’d enjoy reading The Years Eaten: Changeling Restrainers Book 1.

Sixteen-year-old changeling Jesse Anders mind-bonds with outsiders like him, giving them his ability to charge their powers and heal by loving each other. His ability drains their mental powers when they act like the folklore monsters inspired by his underground race. And Jesse’s powers backfire, making him believe his name is Chris while he re-lives his twin sister’s last twenty-four hours alive in 1993. He returns to 1996 feeling like a stranger in his own body. A Norman Bates copycat has framed him for suicide. And he’ll die without one more act of mercy from his forgotten ex, Brendan Freemon. Brendan’s left Jesse for God, who Jesse misses but doesn’t know how to reconnect with alone.

Meanwhile, Jesse’s estranged father, Raphael, is bond-adopting Samantha Clanton. Jesse knows her from precognitive dreams where they’re a couple. He’d despaired, thinking, why would such a sweet, pure girl want him after the sexual abuse he and Brendan have endured and the choices they’ve made due to trauma?

To beta read The Years Eaten, view it and download it from DropBox, add your comments, and return it to the email address located at the bottom of page 1. Thank you! Please do let me know if I can do anything to help you.

Sammi is my fictional daughter, who does what I’d do rather than what I want her to, so here’s me as a teenager, at a pond like the one in this series.

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